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Real Rap – Poetry in Motion

Today, I would like to give special credit to DIY Artists in the music world. I’ve been fortunate enough to witness an amazing work of art come to life. Most of us, myself included, are not aware that creating the perfect mixtape requires real dedication and commitment. It’s not just a hobby, it is a vocation. I have respect and admiration for the real raw talents and their ability to share the gift of music to their audience. A good friend of mine, Jay Valentin, had just released his new mixtape entitled Pain & Heartbreak #LoveKillsOrPainWill .

Prior to the launch date February 14, 2015, he discussed with me the intricacies involved in the compilation process of lyrics, beats, voice and melody. There were so many aspects to consider: 1) what is the theme of the mixtape?; 2) what is the right mood and tone, consistent & relevant to the theme?; 3) how does an artist get his message across to his audience through his lyrics?; 4) how should one use the variations of voice, beats, and melody to make music sound very engaging?; 5) what technical approach should be done to create a new & unique sound?; 6) what designs and lay-outs should be used for the front and back covers of a mixtape?; 7) how should the mixtape be presented?

Jay Valentin is more than just a rapper. He is an artist. An expert in his craft. One who has the holistic vision and the ability to make his visions come to life. There is so much beauty in crafting a song, making every musical and technical element fit together perfectly like a jig-saw puzzle. We can all learn through him, that real rap is so much more than just a genre. Real rap is poetry in motion.

The end product speaks for itself. Genius work of art! You can listen to his music below or simply go to to download his songs. Enjoy!